BehindTheYouTuber Special Pt 3

PewDiePie & T-Series have both grown in subscribers over the year. In the new year currently, PewDiePie has 80+ million subscribers and T-Series at a solid 79+ million. The gap in the number of subscribers has decreased this past year, with the subgap closing tension is rising in fans of both channels more controversies have started. One of these controversies is PewDiePie’s “distrack” on T-Series “Bi*** Lasagna“. The song has gotten a lot of hate and a lot of love from both sides of the community. With the song standing at a solid 96+ million views and 5 million likes, people are wondering and waiting for T-Series’s response.

PewDiePie’s song started to make some of his fan base and other media start to say things rude and flat out racist towards India since T-Series is an Indian channel owned by an Indian song company. With all the hate from his fans and other media, PewDiePie himself was getting a lot of hate from the YouTube community. PewDiePie responded to the hate with a video explaining that the song wasn’t a hate video on India or a hate video at all but a video pointing out the size of his and T-Series’s channel while trash talking to and about the channel T-Series.

With all the crazy controversial stuff happening between both channels both fan bases have been somewhat out of hand, but if you want to stay up to date with these controversies you’ve come to the right blog. Stay tuned and have a great year.

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BehindTheYouTuber Ali-A

Alastair Aiken or Ali-A was born  November 6, 1993, in England. Ali-A started his channel on a very popular game franchise Call Of Duty. For a while, Ali-A was switching between playing Call Of Duty, Overwatch, Minecraft, and reacting and giving commentary on videos. In late 2017 a game called Fortnite was released and Ali-A like other gaming YouTubers became popular because of Fortnite. As of now, Ali-A has 15+ million subscribers.

Ali-A makes about 3.3 million dollars a year. Over the past year of Fortnite’s release, Ali-A has been accused and caught of making videos with misleading thumbnails and titles. Ali-A has various sponsors almost all by gaming or game improvement companies such as Kontrol Freak, Monster Energy, Elgato Gaming, G2A, and Scuf Gaming. Ali-A was apart of the cast of the television show The Gadget Show from 2013-14 and was interviewed by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Ali-A has been invited multiple times to the national E3 gaming tournament.

Although I’m am not a fan of Ali-A but I hope he and his channel will keep growing. Knowing Ali-A’s success I know that he will keep on succeeding.

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BehindTheYouTuber’s stuff for class|Top 10 ways to deal with negativity

This is a blog post for my class. This is nothing related to my other blog post. So……..  yeah. Top 10 ways to deal with internet negativity.

  1. Ignore it. On the internet negativity is inevitable. But if you ignore it then people will probably get bored and stop. They can also see it as your reaction. Either way, people on the internet will criticize you constructively or negatively.
  2. Block them. On Social media sites, there is a block button….. depending on the site. People that cyberbully, or are just randomly negative you should probably block online. If you do they will probably become someone else’s problemConfront them.
  3. Confront the problem. People can be confronted. It may be scary too but if you really need to then you should confront the problem. If it is something like harassment or threats then you really really need to say something.
  4. Stop it. People that are negative online can also be your friends. Your friends don’t control you and you can not be their friend at any point in time. Even if you want to be their friend you shouldn’t. But that’s your choice.
  5. Don’t give them attention. If someone pokes fun at you or generally is rude you shouldn’t get mad or say something back. The reason I say that is because it’s fueling them because its what they want. The more of a reaction you give the more they will tease you.
  6. Don’t take it personally. If someone says something about you don’t take it personally. If that person doesn’t know you personally they can’t prove anything that they say about you. You know what you are and what you did and they know who they are and what they did.
  7. Don’t take it seriously. Not everything that everyone says about you is serious. People who say “negative” things don’t always mean it. A lot of people make bad jokes and you should try to figure out whos joking and whos not.
  8. Don’t say anything back. Replying to their rude commentary only acts as a reaction. The more that you reply to their comments the more negative they will be. They think it’s funny knowing that they’ll get a reaction out of you.
  9. Don’t start anything. If you’re not rude to someone they probably won’t be rude to you. Making a joke that they take seriously can also start this. Be careful about who you joke about.
  10. Make sure it not about you. Over the internet as I’ve stated before you’ll get some negativity. Sometimes it isn’t about you. People on YouTube and more react to other people and laugh that doesn’t mean they’re trying to be negative. People on other social media sites can make a post joking about you but not trying to be rude.

Behind The YouTuber special pt 2

T-Series and PewDiePie have both grown by 1 million subscribers PewDiePie is still in the lead but I fear that can change at any moment in time. Right now both channels are rapidly growing. I think that both channels can easily topple at any moment but right now both are doing pretty well and I don’t see that happening. Personally, I don’t think think that this “war” will end, both channels will keep growing and they will keep having higher or fewer subscribers than the other. Unless one of them stops making content or gets their channel deleted for good.

People are now getting into heated arguments in real life and over the internet personally, I don’t like drama but this is something that has affected me as a fan of PewDiePie.



Behind The YouTuber T-Series

T-Series is an Indian music company that has been around since 1990. On March 13, 2006, T-Series had made a YouTube channel where they posted their songs and albums. T-Series is the second most subscribed channel on YouTube which has started some drama on YouTube with another YouTube channel called PewDiePie. Click here for my blog on PewDiePie. PewDiePie is the most subscribed channel on YouTube and T-Series being in second is fighting to be on top. In October of 2018, T-Series had hit 67+ subscribers on YouTube.

T-Series gains a total of 150,000 a day. There is not much information on T-Series’s YouTube channel because they haven’t been involved in any big event on YouTube or any drama until now. Both PewDiePie and T-Series are rapidly growing in size. I am not a fan of T-Series but I hope that they will keep growing as a channel.




Behind The Youtuber Special pt 1

This blog post will be different than all my other blog post, though it will still consist of YouTubers. Today, I will be talking about some YouTube drama between the YouTubers PewDiePie (click here for my blog post on PewDiePie) and another YouTuber, T-Series, who I will soon talk about in a future blog. Right now, PewDiePie is the number one most subscribed channel on YouTube with a total of 67+ subscribers. PewDiePie isn’t the only one anymore because T-Series also has 67+ subscribers as of now. Right now, people are fighting for PewDiePie so he can remain number one and so T-Series won’t become the most popular.

T-Series is rapidly growing in size, popularity, and hatred. PewDiePie is such an original YouTuber and we all know him as the most popular. Like most people, we don’t want things to change and in this case, we don’t want PewDiePie to stop being on top. Right now we don’t have much information on this ongoing battle, but we do know that a fellow YouTuber and fan of PewDiePie, Mr.Beast 6000, is paying for billboards and advertisements to persuade people to subscribe to PewDiePie. Mr.Beast has been on radio podcast and even on his local news channels telling people to subscribe to PewDiePie. If you live in Los Angeles and you see one of these billboards, thank Mr.Beast 6000 and consider subscribing to PewDiePie.

Both channels are rapidly growing and you should check daily for another update on this drama. If you check here, on Google, or on YouTube, and if you want to get involved or not, you should still consider subscribing to PewDiePie.



Mr.Beast 6000


Behind The YouTuber Smosh

Daniel Anthony Padilla was born on September 16, 1987, and his partner Ian Andrew Hecox was born November 30, 1987. Anthony made a website called in 2002 then later joined by his friend/roommate Ian. was basically YouTube before YouTube. Ian and Anthony would upload videos to their website along with their website users. Anthony and Ian stopped uploading to and switched to YouTube and because of their website they became one of the most popular YouTube channels.

Anthony and Ian started making short funny skits for Smosh. Smosh started to grow as a channel inviting/hiring more people to help them with skits. In January 2010, Anthony and Ian created a new channel called Smosh Pit which is a channel about various pop culture trivia questions asked to their fellow co-workers. In 2012 Anthony and Ian made three new channels such as El Smosh! (Smosh in Spanish), Shut Up! Cartoons!, and Smosh games (their gaming channel). In 2017 Anthony said that he was leaving Smosh to make his own YouTube channel. 

Smosh has changed since Anthony left. The cast changed but their humor did not. Hopefully, Smosh will keep growing. As of now, Smosh has a total of 23+ subscribers in total and a total of 7 million views.