Behind The YouTuber|REACT

React is a media franchise used by the Fine Brothers consisting of several online series centering on a group of individuals reacting to viral videos, trends, video games, film trailers, or music videos. The franchise was launched with the YouTube debut of Kids React in October 2010, and then grew to encompass four more series uploaded on the Fine Brothers’ primary YouTube channel, a separate YouTube channel with various reaction-related content, as well as a television series titled React to That.


In 2016, the duo announced React World, a program and channel in which they would license the format of their React shows to creators, which led to widespread negative reception from viewers and fellow content creators, as well as confusion about what their format is. This eventually leads to the Fine Brothers to removing all videos related to React World, essentially pulling the plug on the React World program.

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Benny and Rafi Fine launched a series titled Kids React on October 16, 2010, the first video being “Kids React to Viral Videos (Double Rainbow, Obama Fail, Twin Rabbits, SnickersHalloween)”. The Kids React series features The Fine Brothers, off-camera, showing kids ages 4–14 (7-13 as of September 2016, 7-11 as of October 2016) several viral videos or popular YouTubers and having the kids react to the videos.


The most popular Kids React episode to date is “Kids React to Gay Marriage”, with over 40.2 million views as of September 2, 2018. The popularity of Kids React made it possible for the online series to win a special Emmy Award at the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards in 2012. The Emmy Award, that was given in cooperation with AOL, was awarded to the Fine Brothers for “Best Viral Video Series”. After their Emmy win, the brothers stated, “Not a lot has changed [after winning the Emmy] other than realizing that there are shows on YouTube like React that can get similar if not better viewership than mainstream entertainment can.”

Videos and YouTube stars that have been reacted to by the kids include Smosh (who later reacted to the kids’ reactions), planking and President Obama addressing the death of Osama bin Laden, among several other topics. Kids React has been compared to Kids Say the Darndest Things. In October 2012, the kids of the show were shown videos of the 2012 U.S. Presidential debates. Kids React won the Streamy Award for Best Non-Fiction or Reality Series in 2013.

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Due to the popularity of Kids React, The Fine Brothers spawned a spin-off dubbed Teens React on November 17, 2011, with “TEENS REACT TO TWILIGHT“. The show has a similar premise to Kids React, however, the younger stars are replaced with teens, some of whom have aged out of the Kids React series. Due to this, the Fine Brothers are able to show more mature and less “kid-friendly” videos such as videos on topics like Toddlers & TiarasRick Perry‘s Strong commercial, Amanda Todd’s death, and the 2012 U.S. Presidential debates. Other viral videos and YouTube stars that have been reacted to include Salad Fingers, the Overly Attached Girlfriend, “Gangnam Style“, The Hunger Games trailer, Shane Dawson, and One Direction, among other topics. Later on, The Fine Brothers launched a series named Teens React: Gaming consisting videos of teens reacting to popular games such as Mario Kart 64Flappy Bird, and Rocket League. Teens React launched the career of Lia Marie Johnson and also featured some “famous” ‘reactors’ as guest stars, including Lisa Cimorelli, Amy Cimorelli, Lucas Cruikshank, Alex Steele, Jake Short, and Maisie Williams.

Behind the YouTuber(s)|Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning is an American talk-show style YouTube channel run by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. Rhett and Link posted the first episode of their GMM (Good Mythical Morning) on January 9, 2012, to their YouTube channel under the same name. The series’ crew only consisted of one member during season 1 but has since grown to have twenty-eight members, as a part of Mythical Entertainment. Fan reactions to their behind-the-scenes crew led to the creation of the YouTube channel “Mythical”, which focuses on the funny antics of their crew and other skits. The show focuses on Rhett and Link as they tell stories, sing songs, do challenges, and more. On November 6, 2017, Good Mythical Morning became a YouTube Original series. Shortly after, they lost this partnership and reverted to their classic format.


Good Mythical Morning is uploaded to YouTube every weekday morning, at approximately 6:00 AM Eastern Time. Each episode usually consists of Rhett and Link doing antics, playing food-related games, and answering often absurd questions. On the 12th Season of GMM, from the 53rd episode, they followed the 4-episode-per-day format, where they upload 4 GMM episodes and make them public at the same time. In the regular 15-minute episodes they made it into 30 minutes of Good Mythical Morning. They continued the 4-episode format until the end of Season 12, as when the 13th season was launched, they reduced it to 3 episodes per day. At the announcement of the 14th season, they cut off the 3-episode format and switched back to making only one episode per day, followed by their weekly Saturday morning show, Let’s Talk About That (abbreviated to LTAT) hosted by their executive producer, Stevie Wynne Levine.


LTAT is a Saturday show that airs at 6:00 Eastern Time hosted by Stevie Wynne Levine. Before LTAT, they had a few other Friday morning shows, including Ear Biscuits (which is still airing), and Good Mythical Crew, continuing.

LTAT is a discussion of main show’s episodes that week (hence the slogan, “the show about the show”). The show begins with the “beverage of the week”, where they drink an odd beverage and talk about how it tastes and then use a segue to transition to the LTAT’s main topic. At the end of every episode, Rhett and Link spin the “Wheel of Mythicality”, which can land on categories such as “6 Degrees of Bacon,” “Winface,” and “Gifticality.” The contents of the wheel often change between seasons. Finally, Good Mythical More is the after-show for Good Mythical Morning, hosted on a separate channel, where Rhett and Link relax after an episode and talk about anything.

Behind The YouTuber|Ban PewDiePie?

On this blog, I’ve talked about PewDiePie a lot. Most of my blog post are about the “war” between PewDiePie and T-Series but now I’m going to talk about the ban on PewDiePie in India. If you don’t know about this ban then I’ll give you some context to understand back in 2016 PewDiePie made a song about T-Series. Within the song, PewDiePie tells T-Series to “Hold your defication” and obviously they took offense towards it. Not liking PewDiePie’s remark T-Series sent a cease and desist letter accusing them of defamation. In PewDiePie’s latest song about T-Series, he said: “They had a problem with me telling them to hold their defecation but let me educate you silly that’s not defamation” again T-Series had a problem with this but this time they took it to another level by trying to get Pewds in all of India.





Behind The YouTuber|PewDiePie’s new disstrack

Everybody who goes on YouTube, other social media, or the internet, in general, knows about the still raging war between PewDiePie’s 9-year-old army and T-Series, Bollywood, and almost all of India. Preparing for T-Series to surpass him, PewDiePie (with the help from Boyinaband and RoomieOfficial) had made a music video congratulating T-Series for dethroning him as the number one YouTuber with the song called well “Congratulations“. In the song Congratulations PewDiePie congratulates T-Series (obviously) and points out illegal and ignorant things T-Series had done such as starting their company off of “pirated” Bollywood songs, avoiding a huge tax evasion, and having ties with the Indian Mafia and on the ignorant side they sent a cease and desist to PewDiePie claiming defamation over PewDiePie saying “Hold your defecation” to T-Series in his song “B*tch Lasagna“. After the release of the song (Congratulations), PewDiePie took T-Series down and gained one million subscribers in two days and mocked Jake Paul by repeating one of the lines from Jake’s song “It’s Every Day Bro“. Pewds mocked one of the “Kings Of Vlogging” by using Jake’s own lyric “Five mill on YouTube in 6 months never done before passed all the competition man PewDiePie is next” against him by showing Jake he can pass 1 million in two days.


Behind The YouTuber PewDiePie


We all know about the ever-growing social media site YouTube and the content creators on it. We all have our favorite YouTubers and types of content. Maybe you like reaction channels or maybe you’re into animation, or maybe you’re into history or sports, but whatever you’re into there is most likely something on YouTube for you. If you’ve never been on YouTube you should check it out. Anyway, today’s YouTuber is PewDiePie or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Felix was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, on October 24, 1989. During Felix’s time in college, he made his first account on Youtube in 2010 which would lead him down a path of success called PewDiePie.

Felix dropped out of college the same year because he wanted to entertain the people of YouTube. Felix knew that in order to have a successful career he had to fund his videos including his channel. Felix sold Photoshop art pieces and worked at a hotdog stand to raise extra funds. In July of 2012, Felix had gotten over one million subscribers. August 5th, 2013 Felix had become the channel with the most subscribers on YouTube, this had continued for the next 46 days.

As Felix reached the spot of number one 

PewDiePie’s channel


See what started it all (PewDiePie’s first ever video)