Behind The YouTuber|Edd Gould

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Edward Duncan Ernest Gould (28 October 1988 – 25 March 2012) was a British animator, artist and voice actor. He was known for creating Eddsworld, a media franchise consisting of flash animations and webcomics featuring fictionalized versions of himself and longtime collaborators Thomas Ridgewell, Matt Hargreaves and others. In 2002, Gould began animating using a GIF animation program with the purpose of, publishing them to ““. Upon discovering that the mentioned site was no longer accepting GIFs, Gould began watching flash animations. Astonished by the quality improvement, he abandoned the program and moved to Macromedia Flash in November 2002. After 7 months of learning the basics of Flash animation from his mentor Lavalle Lee (a flash animator and web designer), Gould published his first Newgrounds entry on 6 June 2003.

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Edd soon began his professional career in animation and studied as an independent animator at the University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone, England. Along with Ridgewell, Gould and six other artists founded Cake Bomb, a creative media group to form various artistic works and animations. He later coined a personal catchphrase “It’s pretty swell” that became popular with his fan base. He also voiced the “I Like Trains” Kid in the popular ‘asdfmovie’ videos on YouTube made by Ridgewell and also animated the second asdfmovie to be released on YouTube. Cake Bomb disbanded in 2011, although his series Eddsworld was already independently in production during this time.

After Gould’s death in 2012, production of Eddsworld has been continued by his friends, produced by Ridgewell. However, since then, Ridgewell has stated “The End” was his last episode. Edd’s family are continuing the series with Matt Hargreaves overseeing as showrunner. It is not currently known who is animating.