Behind The YouTuber|Ban PewDiePie?

On this blog, I’ve talked about PewDiePie a lot. Most of my blog post are about the “war” between PewDiePie and T-Series but now I’m going to talk about the ban on PewDiePie in India. If you don’t know about this ban then I’ll give you some context to understand back in 2016 PewDiePie made a song about T-Series. Within the song, PewDiePie tells T-Series to “Hold your defication” and obviously they took offense towards it. Not liking PewDiePie’s remark T-Series sent a cease and desist letter accusing them of defamation. In PewDiePie’s latest song about T-Series, he said: “They had a problem with me telling them to hold their defecation but let me educate you silly that’s not defamation” again T-Series had a problem with this but this time they took it to another level by trying to get Pewds in all of India.