Behind The YouTuber|PewDiePie’s new disstrack

Everybody who goes on YouTube, other social media, or the internet, in general, knows about the still raging war between PewDiePie’s 9-year-old army and T-Series, Bollywood, and almost all of India. Preparing for T-Series to surpass him, PewDiePie (with the help from Boyinaband and RoomieOfficial) had made a music video congratulating T-Series for dethroning him as the number one YouTuber with the song called well “Congratulations“. In the song Congratulations PewDiePie congratulates T-Series (obviously) and points out illegal and ignorant things T-Series had done such as starting their company off of “pirated” Bollywood songs, avoiding a huge tax evasion, and having ties with the Indian Mafia and on the ignorant side they sent a cease and desist to PewDiePie claiming defamation over PewDiePie saying “Hold your defecation” to T-Series in his song “B*tch Lasagna“. After the release of the song (Congratulations), PewDiePie took T-Series down and gained one million subscribers in two days and mocked Jake Paul by repeating one of the lines from Jake’s song “It’s Every Day Bro“. Pewds mocked one of the “Kings Of Vlogging” by using Jake’s own lyric “Five mill on YouTube in 6 months never done before passed all the competition man PewDiePie is next” against him by showing Jake he can pass 1 million in two days.