Behind The YouTuber|#7 of the war

If you’ve seen most of my blogs then you know what this is about but if you haven’t then go to my site and look at some of the other posts on my site. Both channels have grown and have been at war for about half a year now and have grown tremendously. Though the channels are growing in success they’re not necessarily both growing in success (you’ll see what I mean later). As I said both channels have grown both at 88 million subscribers with trillions of views over YouTube and both with thousands of videos; PewDiePie is losing his spot as king with T-Series less than 30 thousand subscribers than PewDiePie. You might be thinking “30 thousand that’s so much though!” well then you’re forgetting one thing these are the people with the two fastest-growing channels in the world gaining 30 thousand subscribers would be like a billionaire getting 30 thousand dollars, basically the subscriber equivalent of chump-change.

Almost everyone in the YouTube community is all for PewDiePie to win but not really doing anything to make that dream a reality. I’m not saying no one is doing anything to help PewDiePie’s cause, people are making multiple YouTube accounts and subscribing to PewDiePie never to be touched again and other really successful YouTubers are doing support videos just to keep Pewds on top.

PewDiePie’s channel

T-Series channel