Behind The YouTuber LemonJuiceDwarf

LemonJuiceDwarf or Tyler was born October, 19th 2007 in Richmond California. Tyler created his channel on April 26th, 2018. Tyler created his channel under the influence of PewDiePie and his friend Damian Plays. A young YouTuber and with a small channel Tyler has been even more motivated to grow his channel and entertain his audience.

Believe it or not, the channel Tyler created started as a joke. With his first video “Kid throws pie in teachers face” he grew an audience. By the time he hit 30+ subscribers, he had made a YouTube friend (a friend met over YouTube) named Fishy Face.

All though his channel is small it’s growing fast. With 64 subscribers he is growing closer to 100 subscribers. For more information on YouTubers stay tuned and keep reading.