BehindTheYouTuber Special Pt 3

PewDiePie & T-Series have both grown in subscribers over the year. In the new year currently, PewDiePie has 80+ million subscribers and T-Series at a solid 79+ million. The gap in the number of subscribers has decreased this past year, with the subgap closing tension is rising in fans of both channels more controversies have started. One of these controversies is PewDiePie’s “distrack” on T-Series “Bi*** Lasagna“. The song has gotten a lot of hate and a lot of love from both sides of the community. With the song standing at a solid 96+ million views and 5 million likes, people are wondering and waiting for T-Series’s response.

PewDiePie’s song started to make some of his fan base and other media start to say things rude and flat out racist towards India since T-Series is an Indian channel owned by an Indian song company. With all the hate from his fans and other media, PewDiePie himself was getting a lot of hate from the YouTube community. PewDiePie responded to the hate with a video explaining that the song wasn’t a hate video on India or a hate video at all but a video pointing out the size of his and T-Series’s channel while trash talking to and about the channel T-Series.

With all the crazy controversial stuff happening between both channels both fan bases have been somewhat out of hand, but if you want to stay up to date with these controversies you’ve come to the right blog. Stay tuned and have a great year.

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