BehindTheYouTuber Ali-A

Alastair Aiken or Ali-A was born  November 6, 1993, in England. Ali-A started his channel on a very popular game franchise Call Of Duty. For a while, Ali-A was switching between playing Call Of Duty, Overwatch, Minecraft, and reacting and giving commentary on videos. In late 2017 a game called Fortnite was released and Ali-A like other gaming YouTubers became popular because of Fortnite. As of now, Ali-A has 15+ million subscribers.

Ali-A makes about 3.3 million dollars a year. Over the past year of Fortnite’s release, Ali-A has been accused and caught of making videos with misleading thumbnails and titles. Ali-A has various sponsors almost all by gaming or game improvement companies such as Kontrol Freak, Monster Energy, Elgato Gaming, G2A, and Scuf Gaming. Ali-A was apart of the cast of the television show The Gadget Show from 2013-14 and was interviewed by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Ali-A has been invited multiple times to the national E3 gaming tournament.

Although I’m am not a fan of Ali-A but I hope he and his channel will keep growing. Knowing Ali-A’s success I know that he will keep on succeeding.

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