BehindTheYouTuber’s stuff for class|Top 10 ways to deal with negativity

This is a blog post for my class. This is nothing related to my other blog post. So……..  yeah. Top 10 ways to deal with internet negativity.

  1. Ignore it. On the internet negativity is inevitable. But if you ignore it then people will probably get bored and stop. They can also see it as your reaction. Either way, people on the internet will criticize you constructively or negatively.
  2. Block them. On Social media sites, there is a block button….. depending on the site. People that cyberbully, or are just randomly negative you should probably block online. If you do they will probably become someone else’s problemConfront them.
  3. Confront the problem. People can be confronted. It may be scary too but if you really need to then you should confront the problem. If it is something like harassment or threats then you really really need to say something.
  4. Stop it. People that are negative online can also be your friends. Your friends don’t control you and you can not be their friend at any point in time. Even if you want to be their friend you shouldn’t. But that’s your choice.
  5. Don’t give them attention. If someone pokes fun at you or generally is rude you shouldn’t get mad or say something back. The reason I say that is because it’s fueling them because its what they want. The more of a reaction you give the more they will tease you.
  6. Don’t take it personally. If someone says something about you don’t take it personally. If that person doesn’t know you personally they can’t prove anything that they say about you. You know what you are and what you did and they know who they are and what they did.
  7. Don’t take it seriously. Not everything that everyone says about you is serious. People who say “negative” things don’t always mean it. A lot of people make bad jokes and you should try to figure out whos joking and whos not.
  8. Don’t say anything back. Replying to their rude commentary only acts as a reaction. The more that you reply to their comments the more negative they will be. They think it’s funny knowing that they’ll get a reaction out of you.
  9. Don’t start anything. If you’re not rude to someone they probably won’t be rude to you. Making a joke that they take seriously can also start this. Be careful about who you joke about.
  10. Make sure it not about you. Over the internet as I’ve stated before you’ll get some negativity. Sometimes it isn’t about you. People on YouTube and more react to other people and laugh that doesn’t mean they’re trying to be negative. People on other social media sites can make a post joking about you but not trying to be rude.