Behind The YouTuber Smosh

Daniel Anthony Padilla was born on September 16, 1987, and his partner Ian Andrew Hecox was born November 30, 1987. Anthony made a website called in 2002 then later joined by his friend/roommate Ian. was basically YouTube before YouTube. Ian and Anthony would upload videos to their website along with their website users. Anthony and Ian stopped uploading to and switched to YouTube and because of their website they became one of the most popular YouTube channels.

Anthony and Ian started making short funny skits for Smosh. Smosh started to grow as a channel inviting/hiring more people to help them with skits. In January 2010, Anthony and Ian created a new channel called Smosh Pit which is a channel about various pop culture trivia questions asked to their fellow co-workers. In 2012 Anthony and Ian made three new channels such as El Smosh! (Smosh in Spanish), Shut Up! Cartoons!, and Smosh games (their gaming channel). In 2017 Anthony said that he was leaving Smosh to make his own YouTube channel. 

Smosh has changed since Anthony left. The cast changed but their humor did not. Hopefully, Smosh will keep growing. As of now, Smosh has a total of 23+ subscribers in total and a total of 7 million views.